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Our Activities

Podcasting Studio


We’re sure you don’t need us to tell you that podcasts are amazing! We love podcasts and in the podcasting studio, you can master the art of podcasting and start his own channel.

Writers Guuild


Writing gives a kid the ability to express well. The ability to use words to express thoughts with a creative flare is what this club is all about. A strong community with the pen pal program, where kids can learn from each other via the art of writing.

Comedy Club


Who doesn’t want to have a good laugh? Through Comedy Club we aim at exploring comedy writing and performance. Your child will participate in comedy improvisation and Stand-Ups.

No Pressure its all flipgrid










Our world is changing at an incredible rate. How can we assist our children in keeping up with the times?

Enroll your child in our English Public Speaking Course. The program focuses on developing critical 21st-century skills, such as public speaking, effective communication and creative writing, for your child to not survive, but thrive in the current world.

The Need for Public Speaking Classes

We live in a time when students and professionals are assessed on their ability to communicate and express themselves in public and the workplace. Being able to explain oneself effectively and convincingly is a valuable asset in whatever educational and employment path a person can choose. It enables an individual to communicate ideas, form relationships, stay calm and confident.

However,it is not as simple as it appears.Getting up in front of a crowd and attempting to capture them to capture them with your words might be daunting.

PlanetSpark 1:1 Public Speaking Online Course is meticulously designed, including all the important public speaking and creative writing themes for kids, to make it less challenging for your child. We recognize the importance of public speaking and creative writing, for both children and adults.

Engaging, confident public speaking is a critical ability that is often disregarded and underdeveloped in a child’s early years. We seek to instill such qualities in children from the start.

Our public speaking classes for children, in particular, can benefit your child to become a confident and compelling speaker.

Bid farewell to the fear of public speaking

Public speaking and creative writing is a challenge for students of all ages. Students may find it challenging to accurately portray their knowledge and skills due to the fear and anxiety of speaking or presenting, especially in public. Individuals in all sectors, particularly entrepreneurship and business, are becoming increasingly prominent speakers.

Our curriculum for Children’s Public Speaking and Creative Writing teaches students how to overcome their fear of public speaking and earn the confidence they need to become effective communicators both in and out of the classroom. The creative writing aspect helps boost their imagination and creative potential.

Check out our entire curriculum to learn how we’re educating our students to face public speaking challenges with confidence.

What do our Public Speaking Courses For Kids offer?

Comprehensive Exposure

Our Public Speaking Courses cover a wide range of platforms and opportunities in public speaking. The curriculum is designed to introduce our students to formal and informal communication, such as classroom presentations, debating, and product design presenting, and entirely focuses on Children’s Personality Development. This will help them speak with confidence, improvise, and present speeches using spontaneous and polished speech methods.


Our students learn creative writing and leadership abilities besides extensive speaking experience. With regular speech topics, our curriculum seeks to offer students many chances to practice speaking fluently. These themes help students develop leadership and entrepreneurship skills by enabling them to think, invent distinctive products, and critically educate listeners through relevant data and idea articulation.

Input and participation

Students can both give and receive peer-to-peer feedback in our instructor-led and peer-to-peer assessment format. Our students can fully engage with the material and their peers because of the live 1:1 online class experience that we provide. Our students learn how to give constructive feedback and how to use criticismimprove their performance.

Book A Free Trial For Our Public Speaking & Creative WWriting Courses For Kids.

Children’s Creative Writing Courses

Besides our English Public Soeaking Course, PlanetSpark offers English Creative Writing courses to polish their creativity and writing skills. One of the most crucial skills that children can acquire is the ability to write. Children can communicate their thoughts, ideas, and beliefs through creative writing.

Our Creative Writing Course encourages and builds confidence among students from 4-14 years. Children require a place where they can let their imaginations run freely. They’ll have a space to write anything they want. They all have their own magical stories to tell. We encourage children to jot down their ideas and share them with us!

Our Creative Writing Classes employ language to create a fascinating world, unique characters, and a compelling plot.

The practice allows us to gain a deeper understanding of ourselves and our surroundings. Students improve fluency and confidence in their writing by practising the fundamentals of storytelling. They gain a better experience of themselves and others by inventing characters.

As a result, our students become confident authors and produce beautiful stories.

Benefits Of Our Creative Writing Courses

Writing for recreation and writing to ace examinations and tests are both covered in our creative writing program. Students study in a fun, interactive, and creative way in this course. Our research suggests that children who are skilled at creative writing have higher academic achievement overall.

The Goal Of This Series Of Classes Is To Help You Develop:

  • Features of the language
  • Planning
  • Editing
  • Structure of the story
  • Vocabulary
  • Descriptions
  • Confidence
  • Spelling, Punctuation, and Grammar
  • Ability to communicate verbally and in writing too

Being good at creative writing has a lot of benefits. Students that excel at it also excel in other subjects. They are also more convincing, more structured, and better problem- solvers than their counterparts. It seems to reason that these are abilities that will serve them well throughout their lives.

However, many students find creative writing challenging. They have never been taught how to undertake creative writing effectively, which is why they find it challenging!

We understand and appreciate the importance of learning creative writing. Our writing classes are one of our most successful extracurricular activities because of the excellent preparation we teach through mind-mapping and storyline planning schematics. Our students are now more confident and can express their thoughts, and don’t face the daunting terror of a blank page.

As we grow older, our creativity seems to dwindle. Those insane stories about fairy tale princesses battling fierce dragons to save the town became business jargon later. Encourage your kids to write, be creative, and use their creativity, and then reward them whenever they do. Build their confidence in communicating their viewpoint, thoughts, and feelings clearly and concisely with our English Language Classes Online.

Children’s Spoken English Courses

Every parent wishes for their child to be able to communicate effectively in English. Because English is a worldwide language and the most widely used medium of communication, developing English-speaking abilities in a child’s early years of education is considered crucial.

Although the technology surrounding us has made it easier to acquire language skills due to the abundance of videos available on the internet, it is still necessary to invest a significant amount of time with your child to teach language ability. Some children struggle to communicate in English, some people are shy, and some are afraid of making mistakes.

Correct grammar facilitates others’ hearing, and reading improves communication and has a beneficial impact on relationships. Young learners can also enhance their vocabulary by learning new and fascinating ways to deliver messages and present information in English. As a result, we’ve created a Public Speaking Online and Children’s Spoken English Courses based on a thorough knowledge of the relevance of English Grammar skills for children.

Learning a language different from one’s native tongue throughout the early years is critical since the odds of achieving proficiency in the language are great. When children begin interacting in English at a young age, they are more likely to develop outstanding speaking abilities and become more efficient as they grow. This is the reason we urge parents to help their kids learn English from the beginning. This will make their child confident and will enable them to handle any situation.

About The Course

We start with fundamental English grammar for kids and work up to a better feeling of convenience with the language. Your child will initially learn how to utilize grammar in her/ his speaking language and then compose written sentences using suitable punctuation and grammatical features like tense, word order, and word classes.

A child can express oneself adequately and create excellent essential skills for written documentation in later years if they have a good comprehension of the different grammatical aspects of language through our course.

Why Choose PlanetSpark for your child?

PlanetSpark’s Live 1:1 module, and the classes are covered by Public Speaking Experts and extensive workshops with industry experts. Through our courses, we aim to open the world of community events for kids to connect, create and collaborate.

PlanetSpark’s engaging educational curriculum for students promotes a lifetime of exploration and development. Your children can experience the rich world of Public Speaking, Creative Writing, and Spoken English.

Our Personality Development Courses assist students in learning crucial components of character development, such as leadership and organizational skills. It uses a teaching system that includes thousands of methods for enhancing body language, speech, emotions, and speech composing.

Give your children the right platform to Learn Public Speaking and Learn Creative Writing and let them write and learn with confidence and creativity.

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